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Titus Built Encourages Clients to Recycle Existing Kitchens & Bathrooms

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Donate Used Kitchens


Titus Built is pleased to announce that a current New Canaan resident client donated their existing kitchen to Green Demolitions. “Green Demolitions sells luxury commercial surplus and donated kitchens, appliances, bathroom fixtures, home decor, etc. from houses being demolished and renovated in Greenwich and New Canaan, CT, Scarsdale and Bedford, NY, and beyond. Donation proceeds benefit Recovery Unlimited, the operating name of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting a highly successful addiction recovery program established in 1964.”


Recycle Existing Kitchen

 Existing Kitchen Island


The kitchen was sent to Green Demolitions of Riverdale, NJ. Julie Rinaldi,, updated the kitchen by adding new countertops; replacing the wooden knobs with contemporary tubular brushed nickel hardware; and, streamlining the island by cutting off the existing eating area. Julie said her customer purchased the entire kitchen ensemble, including the appliance, and was extremely delighted with their purchase.


Existing Kitchen Layout 



Next time you remodel, remember to recycle! What better way to “go green” than to recycle your kitchen or bathroom. The recycled kitchen offers others the opportunity to receive a “new” kitchen which they may not have otherwise been able to afford, supports a worthy charity as well as providing you with a tax deduction. Go Green… Recycle!


Save Money, Save Energy, Go Green!

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011



What does "green" mean to you? The list is endless and the definition of "green" is different for many people.  The fundamental concept of green is conserving the earth’s resources so that they are not depleted faster than they can be replenished. Learn to make conscious choices and be aware of potential consequences. Here are just a few of the ways people live a greener lifestyle:

Become less wasteful and more energy-efficient.
Remember to turn off lights, unplug unused appliances, and wash only full loads of dishes and clothes.

Save money on energy costs.
Turn down thermostats, replace incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs, and clean dryer filters.

Find cheaper, earth-sustainable alternatives.
Ride bikes, take mass transit, and use paperless statements.

Make healthier basic choices for your home.
Use solvent-free grout, low-formaldehyde carpet pads and insulation, low-VOC paint, or a water treatment system.

Build with recycled materials.
Choose reclaimed wood, recycled steel, or recycled material countertops.

Ask Titus Built for tips about conserving natural resources and saving energy costs.

Environmentally Friendly Cork Flooring

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Pacific Origins Photo of Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly floorings on the market. It also is one of the best natural sound-absorbing materials available. Pet traffic is generally not an issue; keeping your large dog’s nails trimmed will help keep your cork flooringlooking beautiful. Cork has an advantage over hardwoods as it is resilient, absorbs impact and doesn’t scratch or gouge as easily as hardwood. If you purchase the high-density cork that is used in commercial and industrial floors you will find it wears like iron. Pre-finished cork seams are unfinished and will turn black over time. It is best to buy site-finished cork that is cover with a low-VOC polyurethane varnish or a less durable wax coating.


Cork Flooring

Natural, Sound-Absorbing and Resilient


The natural colors of cork can range from almost white to deep, dark browns. Cork flooring comes in both tiles and panels – a thickness in the 3/16-inch range is typical for the one-foot-square tiles. The darkness of the earth tones is controlled by how long the cork is baked. The longer it is baked, the darker brown it becomes. The panels are one foot by three feet and they snap together similarly to laminate flooring. They look similar to hardwood planks when finished.



the good and the bad about cork flooring



Here’s a great cork flooring article from Donna Frasca, Interior Designer/Color Expert. Highly specialized in designing color palettes for homes and businesses. Charlotte, NC (





Remodeling with Green Design and Products: What Does "Green" Really Mean?

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010



 Many of our clients express an interest in “green” building, but there is often some confusion about what the term really signifies. What does “green” mean to you? Is going green an important principle in your life, worth extra time and possible expense? Or, do you dabble in “going green,” appreciating both the environmental benefits and trendiness of a hybrid car, for instance, while not changing too many other areas of your life? Is a healthier and less wasteful lifestyle of primary concern as you decide upon green practices? Whether you are looking to save the environment or just save some money, there are many ways you can do both!

Increasing your home’s energy performance can provide your family with more comfort and lower utility bills. New, cost-effective products reduce heating and cooling expenses, lower energy bills, and decrease water usage. Recent developments in design products and systems for walls, roofs, foundations, windows, and doors can also save you money while conserving natural resources. When you decide to remodel or build your new home, consider these practical innovations during the design process. Keep in mind that even old homes can integrate green building principles.

Along with many exciting new products on the market, Energy Star has pledged in their new campaign to “Change the World” with their state-of-the-art environmental practices and products. Energy Star products are known for saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Visit the Energy Star website to learn more -

Titus Built currently uses these methods to build green into every project:

·  Engineered lumber
·  High performance windows
·  Energy Star appliances
·  High performance insulation for less heat loss/gain
·  House wrap for reduced air loss
·  High efficiency heating and cooling systems for energy
   savings and health benefits
·  Use of programmable t-stats and lighting controls
·  We reduce waste and recycle materials to charities
·  We attempt to buy supplies locally whenever possible to
   reduce our carbon imprint
·  Our office uses energy efficient fluorescent lighting,
   recycled copy paper, recycle plastic/cans/cardboard

Titus Built is committed to balancing design aesthetics using new green products and technology. If you are interested in implementing even more green and sustainable building products in your home, ask us for details!